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Accident Investigations

Accidents happen for a reason and can be avoided with good management. With proper controls and procedures in place, it is possible to reduce the number of accidents and incidents and protect staff and others from injury.

One of the best ways to reduce accidents and incidents is to find out what went wrong and take action to make sure that similar incidents do not happen again. 

It is good business practice to have an investigation because it will help to avoid waste of your valuable human and financial resources that result from every accident.

At Safetymen our impartial and thorough accident investigation service is not intended to apportion blame, but will examine the direct and indirect causes of the accident with a view to avoiding a recurrence.

The process in investigating serious accidents can involve:

  • Inspection of the accident/incident location and recording of evidence
  • Inspection of site health and safety documentation in relation to the accident/incident
  • Taking witness statements
  • Interviewing injured parties
  • Preparing a full report identifying the root causes of the accident/incident and any recommendations required

Safetymen carry out workplace accident investigations and reports on any accidents or incidents in compliance with the RIDDOR regulations on your behalf.

Workplace accident investigation reports may be used to defend any legal action against your organisation as they show that you are actively trying to reduce the possibility of re-occurrences.

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