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Safetymen CAT & Genny Calibration Service


Safetymen offer CAT & Genny Cailibration from our centre in Clacton on Sea, Essex. Our calibration testing provides fast and convenient calibration / performance testing of RD7100, RD8100 cable and pipe locators and also the RD7000M and RD8000M Cable, Pipe and Marker Locators as well as the C.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tools.

We test the locating circuitry within a connected locator, applying test signals to key components to confirm that the unit remains within calibration and suitable for use.


Following a Cert test pass, a Radiodetection Calibration Certificate for the connected locator will be issued, valid for one year from the date of issue, and traceable back to the original factory calibration equipment.

In the event of a failed test, we will offer you the option to return the equipment to Radiodetection for assessment and recalibration if required. Our test is suitable for confirming the calibration of compatible Radiodetection Locators, and is approved by Radiodetection for this purpose. As a remote calibration test, however, we cannot check the mechanical integrity of the unit under test – for example a damaged seal or screen.