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Training Courses

General Health and Safety Training

Lvl 2 Food Hygiene

Our Food Hygiene / Food Safety course covers all the basics on food preparation, regulations, precautions and care when preparing food for others. It is designed to meet the requirements of various regulations in food preparation and health and safety. The course covers regulations, preparation, storage, infections, cross contamination, reporting, PPE, date marks, reporting illness and basic first aid in the kitchen. The certificate is valid for 3 years.



  • Food Hygiene Legislation

          Relevant Legislation


  • Bacteriology and Food Poisoning

          What are bacteria and how do they grow and affect us

          How we control their growth

          Food poisoning and its effect

          Types of infections

          Chemicals and foreign objects

          Natural plant foods and allergies


  • Food Contamination

          Cross contamination

          Ways of preventing cross contamination

          Chopping board colours

          Pest control

          Hot food display units

          Working at a bar

          Serving in a restaurant


  • Personal Hygiene

          Hand washing and hand gels

          Protective clothing

          Reporting Illness

          How you need to act at work


  • Food storage and Preservation

          Date marks, damaged food and record keeping

          Food Preservation Methods

          Heating, Refrigeration and freezing

          Egg precautions

          Dietary Requirements


Training Method:

This is a 1/2 day course, all delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

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